nat's dinosaur exhibit


there's not much that's happened since the last post i made, even though i've begun work on more individual projects at the same time than i think i've ever before; it feels like a positive flow state where i just want to produce more stuff, filling out this catalogue i've formed for myself. the best part is that (seemingly) every organizational problem that i've dealt with and failed at getting around has fallen away quickly, letting the actual work start and become the main focus for the first time for me ever. it's exhilarating, and even if i'm slightly unsteady about the last review due to some conflicting ideas i have with that formatting (for such an important (for me) review too), i'm still glad i'm figuring things out in a positive way.

the most important thing that's happened to me is that my ipod classic is broken now because i reformatted it wrong—and that's had more of an impact on how i consume music and podcasts than i realized, simply because of how disavowed i've been from streaming services for some time now. i'm only partially sure why i care so much about having an ipod, most importantly being that it's just the right amount of weird, y2k-era symbolism and connection that i like having, with the added plus of having a personal collected digital library of everything i want to listen to in one place using just one device. i'm sure part of it is simply not having to pay streaming services or feeling like i'm supporting the artists i listen to simply through the act of listening (thanks soulseek), and i can instead support them by buying their physical releases or merchandise... but i might want to go more in depth with that later.

speaking of, i now have to figure out how to write a review of a book, which has been more nerve-wracking than i would've thought; it feels so much more formal and expecting, pressure in a weird way forming simply because the review will come via the same medium, and it's of such an established, long-standing tradition because of its medium. there's a lot i have to work out, basically, and a lot that i'm not sure of—but i'll try :>