nat's dinosaur exhibit


i'm really glad that desire was my first fully realized written review, and i'm happy about how it turned out—even if it took as much effort as it did, and that it made me a bit wary about putting that much time and attention into a single written piece. it immediately made me concerned about making that format the format that t63 would thrive on, and that it kinda backed me into a corner, especially since i realized i wouldn't likely want to devote that effort towards something i'm just a bit mild about.

i'm left wondering if there's a space for abridged reviews, something that stretches for only a few hundred words instead of over a thousand like that was; it at least makes sense on its face, since i'm only one person and there's just so much i'd like to cover. but i just know i wouldn't want to compromise what makes writing so enjoyable simply for that reason, and that spacing the big ones out just a tad is the right way to go, and throwing out a lot of mini ratings in its place (along w the aforementioned abridged or slightly shorter reviews). attaching a short sentence descriptor to those mini ratings feels apt too.

on a different note, i've stopped listening to (as much) death grips, primarily their 2015 the powers that b, just because it is so emotionally potent and at times seriously draining—enough that it felt monumental in way that not a lot of art can be. so even if there's a lot that i'd like to talk about with them, i'm not sure how much i'll be listening to their stuff (except their latest lp year of the snitch which is the last remaining major work of theirs i haven't sat through, after taking the time for fashion week and steroids).

also i should really start seeing if writing standalone pieces not about art is in my wheelhouse right now; i love the idea of it, but there's only so much one person can do, and a lot of my ideas center around art right now, lodging them squarely to sit on t63. it's still, no matter what, really fun and enjoyable being prospective about what i'm going to spend my time on, create, and share; i'm hopeful :>