nat's dinosaur exhibit

pink diamond

this week's media diet has been a bit weirder than usual — mostly due to how pop-oriented it's been, as opposed to my recent deep-dive into the back catalog of death grips... it's been a lot of charli xcx, and i'm attached to it to an inordinate degree, right after re-listening to 10,000 gecs again.

i've listened to both pop 2 and charli front to back a few times, with my favorites from both having been on repeat for the whole week; how i'm feeling now has been a slow burn (which might in turn make it longer lasting in terms of enjoyment, but we'll see), though i still like the very overt hyperpop leanings of it. i don't know, i love listening to music so electronic and digital, with some of the best hooks i've ever heard :>

apart from music, i finished sayaka murata's convenience store woman friday night, and i want to delve deeper into that once i have some spare time; it's interesting enough to write about, but i'm not sure how much i truly love it.

and i urge anyone to watch this 7 part, 9 hour long documentary on the minnesota vikings; i've already watched (at least twice) both secret base's atlanta falcons and seattle mariners documentaries, and they've all been some of my favorite media on youtube — if not anywhere, especially compared to anything else related to sports. the stories are filled with beautiful humanity, stats for nerds, and a flat comedy that all feel unique to jon bois and alex rubenstein's style; i can't heap enough praise onto their work on the dorktown series.

please watch all three of those documentaries and get back to me... even if it takes you at least a few days start to finish for them all c: