nat's dinosaur exhibit


i saw howl's moving castle last night as part of the studio ghibli fest for this year, as the only two movies i'd be able to see in time were it and spirited away—and i've already seen the later.

i'm still kinda in a mood because of it; it's such an interesting movie with a lot of the same super abstract and high-brow visuals + themes that make spirited away such a good repeated watch, but with a more (i think, now that i understand the story and pieces of it a bit more) simple love story as the backbone to it.

the war part of the movie still kinda gets to me as a part i'm not sure the meaning of connecting; i understand the whole anti- iraq war message, i'm just lost ab if there's a deeper meaning to its inclusion into the base narrative

either way, one of the best movies i've sat down to watch this year, and i know i need to rewatch it a few more times :)

listening to tears by charli xcx & caroline polachek :D

also i'm excited to listen to (soon) both glitch princess & softscars from yeule; probably the two highest albums on my 'i need to listen to these' list from all i've heard ab them

4ui12 is such a cool track name :>