nat's dinosaur exhibit


as it turns out, yea– how i'm feeling now became the album of charli's that i went from listening to nearly none of, to essentially the main thing i listened to this past week; something about the near perfect hooks and a.g. cook's hyper-modern production, all summing up pandemic life in a genuinely relatable way did something for me, and it's not even a slow burn enjoyment like i had guessed... it's just all i listen to rn c:

i've made a lot of progress online lately, in building what i want to make and produce, and now all that's left is to fill it all in with the actual work (along with letting a few videos fill out some space too); i'll have to figure out how i'll do recommendations for new stuff later, but i have open channels everywhere for any input

for now i'll just go back to playing pokémon platinum and animal crossing wild world—which i'm both rly enjoying so far, both because i get to enjoy them on a pristine dsi, and because i've never completed a single game in either series, and i'm otw to change that; the artistic style of both games works really well too, which definitely helps :>